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MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION: New videos and photos online now!

The MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION team was super busy last weekend!

On our auction page you will find new videos and photos for all animals of the high-class contingent.

See for yourself!
Our offer for you:

Lot-No.: 1  JK Eder DG Darlinga
Lot-No.: 2  ViG Betty
Lot-No.: 3  Germany
Lot-No.: 4  Weeksdale Korn
Lot-No.: 5  Enjoy
Lot-No.: 6  Elina
Lot-No.: 7  HWH Eva
Lot-No.: 8  Sunshine
Lot-No.: 9  About
Lot-No.: 10  Lady in Black
Lot-No.: 11  Juliana
Lot-No.: 12  GHH Applause
Lot-No.: 13  Niowi
Lot-No.: 14  MOK Jessica
Lot-No.: 16  Francine
Lot-No.: 17  Anna
Lot-No.: 18  Lajana
Lot-No.: 19  Mead-Manor Avery
Lot-No.: 20  Chelsea
Lot-No.: 21  BcH Alabama
Lot-No.: 22  HEH Goldgirl
Lot-No.: 23  Creole
Lot-No.: 24  WEH Olala
Lot-No.: 25  THI Chanel
Lot-No.: 26  Raeba
Lot-No.: 27  Rarität
Lot-No.: 28  Mox Anouk
Lot-No.: 29  SLH Come On
Lot-No.: 30  Summer
Lot-No.: 32  Wilcor O’Kagami
Lot-No.: 33  Iresa
Lot-No.: 34  WEH Marian
Lot-No.: 35  Parade
Lot-No.: 36  Jolie
Lot-No.: 37  Budjon KD Bella
Lot-No.: 39  Deike
Lot-No.: 40  GA Anniko
Lot-No.: 41  RS Lambada
Lot-No.: 43  Budjon Joel Glamorous


On Wednesday, February 23rd  MASTERRIND EXCLUSIVE – DIE AUKTION will take place in Verden!

If you have any questions or are interested, contact the persons listed on the auction page!