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Schau der Besten – Progeny presentation

One of the many highlights of Schau der Besten represents the progeny presentation. This year we are happy to present to you the following progeny groups:



The topshot son OH DG Topstone traces back to the well-known Holbra Mascol Pam family via Rubicon and Aikman. He was bred in the Netherlands by de Oosterhof and Diamond Genetics. In the bull’s pedigree there are numerous sires who are known to breed long-lasting and trouble-free cows.

OH DG Topstone expects his first progeny proof in August. Current daughter information indicates that the bull transmits very good performance with high components. He makes rather medium-framed cows with a lot of strength and width in their chests and rumps. They have an ideal set of leg with steep foot angle and very correct locomotion. Overall, his offspring are well balanced dark cows, which ideally meet the demand for a modern cow, that is suitable for freestall systems.

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1a Jessica, Owner:  Marrink GbR, Bimolten
1b Charity, Owner Weser-Milch Lünschen KG, Büttel



KENMORE Avance-Red is an Apprentice son from the well-known Apple cow family. The bull’s sire stack is full of black-white sires and it is free of Salvatore. Therefore, it is possible to use the bull on numerous females in the red and white breed.

KENMORE Avance-Red expects his first daughter-based proof in August. He transmits a solid amount of milk with high fat contents. His medium-framed daughters look very youthful and show the potential to grow and develop. They are impressing by their strong top line and wide rumps. The Avance-Red daughters have silky udders with high and wide rear udders. Overall, they are very modern, youthful and troublefree cows, which are guaranteeing easy calvings.

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1a Zoe, Owner: Wolfgang und Gisela Blaschke, Neuhausen
1b Nora, Owner: Christian Brünicke, Brünkendorf


The interesting sire Topmodel came to Germany via embryo import. He is a topshot son from a Silver from Pen-Col Supersire Buffy. Further back in the pedigree of Topmodel there are numerous well-known performance sires such as Bellwood Marshall, Addison, Winchester, Luke. The supersire Buffy family has successfully influenced our breeding program. Not only bulls such as Hubertus (RZG 150) and Bassoni (RZG 150) resulted from the full sister MR Brose, but Adwin the current number 2 of the German top list traces back to this appealing cow family as well.

In his breeding pattern, Topmodel follows to some extent his maternal Grand sire Silver. The daughters of Topmodel are strikingly strong with a very appealing side view. They are above average in size, solid and robust performance cows that are producing high components. On the other hand, the bull fulfills exactly what is expected in terms of his progeny conformation: sloping, wide rumps, right set to the hocks and slightly longer teats.

The use of Topmodel is recommended to improve capacity, fat and protein, health characteristics and maternal calving ease. In addition, Topmodel transmits the kappa casein variant BB and the beta casein variant A2/A2.

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1a Tomma, Owner: Weser-Milch Lünschen KG, Loxstedt
1b Jolante, Owner Jürgen Hintze aus Trebel


The Salvatore son DG COL Spark Red descends via Debutant and Brewmaster from the well-known Glen Drummond Splendor family. On both sides of his pedigree, Spark Red goes back to the well-known cow Gen-I-Beq Bolton Secretly. The bull was bred by Genesland, which includes the Lüschen family from Lomar and Diamond Genetics.

The first progeny proof of DG COL Spark Red confirmed already the expectations we placed in him. The bull transmits high production as well as great overall capacity with wide rumps and moderate slope from hips to pins. The Spark Red daughters move on solid feet and legs with very steep foot angle and an excellent locomotion. Their silky udders are well attachted and they show correct teat placement and slightly longer teats.

The tall daughters of Spark Red perform great without loosing too much body condition. For that reason, they stand out at auction sales and in the barns. In addition, DG COL Spark Red , which is a Kappa Casein BB carrier, can be used as a calving ease bull and to improve udder health as well.

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1a Natja, Owner: Rengelink-Annen GbR aus Hesingen
1b Ameli, Owner: Christian Pinkvoß aus Luthe


In an exciting offspring competition, judge Stefan Widmer chose KIH Zoe (V. Avance-Red) as the winner of the progeny groups. Widmer chose Tomma (V. Topmodel) as the reserve winner.